Health above all !

One of Maiday’s main principles is that it is inacceptable to favor performance at the expense of health. When an athlete’s body is functioning in an optimal way and its increased needs in micronutrients are satisfied, the best results will be achieved !

Quality and safety

We pay close attention to the quality and the safety of our products. We insist especially on the following aspects :


  • Quality of the raw materials, notably based on certificates of analysis
  • Regular analyses of samples randomly taken from the production line
  • Formulas free from substances registered on the list of the World Anti-Doping Agency
  • Conservation of samples up to a year beyond the use-by date for potential further analyses
  • Marking as complete and clear as possible

The tyranny of the active principle and the additive’s flight…

At Maiday, we do not cut corners when it comes to doing what is needed for our products to work. The dosage of active principles is optimized for efficiency and not for economicity. Thus, we use a latest generation magnesium which is especially well absorbed or vitamin B6 in its active form in the body – and not in its common synthetic form. Therefore, we flee from additives that can potentially induce harmful effects.


Synergy defines itself as a result greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, when a substance multiples the effects of another. Maiday has been designed as a line of complementary beverages, working together in a coherent manner. Thus, we look to satisfy the athlete’s essential needs, but also to create suitable conditions for the absorption of each micronutrient.

So that the packaging’s worth does not exceed that of its content...

The people involved in the Maiday project have all, individually, ecological concerns. It is not possible for us to dissociate the desire to respect the planet with what we are producing. Thus, we wish to keep packaging to a minimum, limiting useless waste. However, it is not always possible to reconcile ecology and packaging restraints. If we choose the less bulky, it is also to encourage you not to dispose of them in the wild ! Thank you in advance !

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